Beretta shotguns/handguns and shooting accessories



We have an extensive line of Beretta Shooting Accessories: Range Bags, shooting glasses, holsters, shirts, hats and more! You can also order Beretta gear from our E-Commerce site HERE.



We ARE your source in Western North Carolina for Beretta shotguns/handguns/rifles and Sako rifles. Guns 'n Gear is proud to carry a wide variety of Beretta shotguns, pistols, and rifles and  Sako rifles for the discriminating shooter and hunter. We also carry Beretta shooting accessories: range bags, hats, T Shirts, shooting glasses, etc. If we do not have it in stock, call us and we will quote a price and order it for you.


  • 690 Field III - 12 ga.; 28" barrel; Optimabore HP chokes; More details HERE
  • 687 Silver Pigeon III Sporting - 12 ga.; 30" barrel; extended Victory choke tubes
  • 1301 Competition - 12 ga.; 24" barrel; OBHP chokes; Nortic 4 shot extension
  • A400 Xcel Sporting - 12 ga.; 30" barrel; KickOff; Extended Optima HP chokes
  • A400 Unico - 12 ga.; 28" barrel; KickOff; Optima HP chokes
  • A400 Action - 28 ga. 26" & 28"barrel in stock; Optimabore HP chokes
  • A391 Xtrema2: 12 ga. 3.5" chamber, 28" bbl; Black synthetic stock; optima bore
  • A300 Outlander - 12 ga.; 28" barrel; Max 5 Camo



  • Tikka T3 Lite: .243 caliber in stock; Black synthetic stock and 22" blued barrel; scope rings included
  • Tikka T3 Hunter: .30-06 & .308 in stock; Wood stock; 22" barrel; scope rings



     92FS Vertac - 9mm; INOX; flush barrel; slime grip

     92FS Compact - 9mm; 92 action with 4" barrel & 13 round mags

     PX4F - 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP in stock; Full size; 4" barrel

     PX4F Compact - 9mm; 3.2" rotating barrel

     PX4 Subcompact - 9mm & .40 S&W; 3" barrel

     NANO - 9mm; single stack; Rosa frame

     PICO - .380 ACP; extended & flush mags

     NEOS - .22 LR;6 inch model in stock both black & INOX; Very popular target pistol and great price







USED BERETTA SHOTGUNS: Occasionally Beretta releases some of their demo guns to dealers for resale. We've picked up a few. These guns are nearly new at a great savings.